Modern Durian Musang King D197 Plantation “MK Vite” located at Hulu Langat. Project kick-off on April 2018 for land preparations then we start planting on Mid Nov 2018. We took less than 3 months to commisioning the project. All MK assets progressing very well. Currently we’re at Vegatative Stage.


Planting methodology used is Ultra High density. This method is a highly compressed tree spacing configuration. We have fitted 140 MK trees in an acre (1) of hilly landscape of HULU Langat Selangor. Located just beside the main Hulu Langat Main river with the luxury of clean fresh water.


We turned an abandoned low value rubber plantation land to a high value modern musang king plantation. With the latest high density technique, trees are manicured to its required specification. While pionering many IOT technology in Musang King growing, We are also the pioneers in Fish Bone compressed method planting in Malaysia. Against the conventional method of 40 trees per acre, this method saves 400% in land acquisition. A very practical method against very expensive land price like in Hulu Langat for agriculture usage


  • Grow MK Trees for fastest ROI
  • Deploy latest technology in Agriculture, Instrumentation & Control,Internet of Things (IOT) available for minimal manpower labour workload in terms of ertilization, insecticides, pesticides & fungicides application through out the farm specific of the Musang King Durian breed type. Minimal labour usage is inline with the latest 15% foreign labour workforce 2020 ruling by the government.
  • To produce & maintain the highest export grade as trees are height controlled for easy application of all types of liquid applicants chemical and organic substance. Quality over Quantity target of fruits.
  • Safe working environment utmost priority in the farm.
  • Malaysia Good Agriculture Practice MyGAP Certification for export requirements.
  • Total Smart Farming utilization in line with the government’s latest policy outcall.


The right modern equipment usage is key to reduce cost and maximize work productivity in a heavy workload durian farm environment. Several technologies have been identified could be directly used for durian growing. Most of the tech already being used is a scaled down versions of existing various industries across the globe. Scaled down versions is meticulously tested for reliability and scalability to be used in the agriculture industry.

All Terrain Vehicle – ATV
By utilizing a 4X4 ATV, any heavy load job can be done in steep hilly area. We carry all sorts of heavy fertilizers, trees and constructions equipment all around the farm which makes our work quick and efficient.

Fertilizer Chemical Injection Skid
This setup enhances liquid fertilizer distribution to the trees. We believe in low dosage by-weekly fertilization method to keep the trees well nourished. This will also accurately mix any kind of fertilizer evenly and injected into the irrigation stream without wastages.

Centralized High Pressure Spraying System
We are able to deliver any kind of pesticide,fungicide and foliar fertilizer within less than an hour as the worker only carries a hose and the spray gun with coupling points spread out through the farm for easy switching of spraying zones. Safety clothing and mask is compulsory handling these hazardous chemicals.

Wireless Control Irrigation System
App enabled irrigation program computer can be controlled remotely. Weather forecast is also provided for better irrigation planning. Each tree has its own sprinkler as the system can detect rain levels (Rain Sensor) to shut off the whole irrigation program. This saves energy, power and maintenance intervals of main pumps and solenoid valves. This Australian sprinkler has a radius of 10m diameter with max flowrate of 330 liters per hour.
We irrigate every 2-3 days interval without fail with the exception of heavy down pour. Irrigation per tree is up to 2000 liters totalling 3 million liters a month at immature tree stages. Fertilizer is also combined to the irrigation program (Fertigation).

Global Positioning System – GPS
Coordinates of individual trees is marked for current and future database software incorporation and drone survey usage. In the near future swarm
drones will be used to detect diseases and apply specifically targeted leaf of any branch for early curing with fungicides or pesticides drone
spraying application.

Wireless Main Pumps and Climate Control System
Managers or supervisors can control main pumps from their own mobile from anywhere in the farm during operation in fact, from anywhere in the world!!. Our warehouse is also temperature & humidity controlled to preserve expensive fertilizer and chemical shelf life and limitations to the Malaysian heat and high humidity.

Internet of Things (IOT) & CCTV
With LoRaWan wireless technology, we can deploy several Moisture
Sensors without any power/data cable.The sensors are battery powered with a range of 12km radius to its gateway. With this, we can accurately measure moisture content in the ground directly and manage irrigation program or faults at any scale of plantation

CCTV and Rain Sensor being used for real time monitoring of the farm.

We learn from the best durian Guru of Malaysia, the highly renowned Mr. Lim CK, University Putra Malaysia,FAMA and many more. The theory and onsite practical education is highly valuable to prepare ourselves the challenges ahead of the industry.
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Technology Parners
We work closely with main distributors and factory for best support available.


Smart Multi Attachment Machinery
State of the art mini machines to assist maintenance work around the farm with minimal impact on machine gross weight to preserve sensitive durian roots.

Quality MK Seedlings Production Nursery
Young high quality seedlings will be nurtured with its own mist sprinklers to enhance high quality speedy growth rate.

Premium Standard Export Facility
Packaging & freezing facility for premium export fruits directly to overseas customers.

Precision Autonomous Fertilizing/Pesticide Drone
Collaborating with a team of local experts in AI coding and system designers. Off the shelf drones can be attached and modified with High resolution RGB and multispectral cameras. AI system integration with the upcoming 5G networks can make high bandwidth data networked(swarm)
drones work independently according to its specific AI pre programmed instructions to work around any sized farm. Swarm drones will then fly
and spray any kind pesticide/fungicide after all big data analytics has been calculated by the AI program autonomously.

Full Scale Smart Agriculture Sensors for Crop Monitoring
19 sensors from the most prestigious and reliable manufacturers of agricultural technology such as Apogee, Decagon, Ecomatik and Gill Instruments. This integration enables the measuring of different parameters related to weather conditions, light and radiation levels, soil morphology, fertilizers presence, daily growth of plants and fruits and other environmental parameters to improve crop quality production and to prevent harvest losses.


Fast Growth Rate & Diseases Recovery
We have achieved a growth rate of 1 feet per month on height and 2 inch in girth growth quarterly. Pests and fungal disease is immediately administered hence minimizing stunt growth and related negative impacts on the trees to achieve fastest 1st fruiting target of less than 3 years of mature fruit harvest target.

Minimalist Hard Labour
All of the combined technology used will dramatically reduce manpower. Effective & efficient workload practice is key to high margins of profitability in a big scale durian plantation in the near future.