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Modern Durian Musang King Plantation “MK Vite” located at Hulu Langat. Project kick-off on April 2018 for land preparations then we start planting on Mid Nov 2018. We took less than 3 months to commisioning the project. All MK assets progressing very well. Currently we’re at Vegatative Stage..

Planting methodology used is Ultra High Density. This method is a highly compressed tree spacing configuration. We have fitted 140 MK trees in an acre (1) of hilly landscape of HULU Langat Selangor. Located just beside the main Hulu Langat Main river with the luxury of clean fresh water..

We turned an abandoned low value rubber plantation land to a high value modern musang king plantation. With the latest high density technique, trees are manicured to its required specification. While pionering many IOT technology in Musang King growing, We are also the pioneers in Fish Bone compressed method planting in Malaysia. Against the conventional method of 40 trees per acre, this method saves 400% in land acquisition. A very practical method against very expensive land price like in Hulu Langat for agriculture usage..

The right modern equipment usage is key to reduce cost and maximize work productivity in a heavy workload durian farm environment. Several technologies have been identified could be directly used for durian growing. Most of the tech already being used is a scaled down versions of existing various industries across the globe. Scaled down versions is meticulously tested for reliability and scalability to be used in the agriculture industry..

We learn from the best durian Guru of Malaysia, the highly renowned Mr. Lim CK, University Putra Malaysia,FAMA and many more. The theory and onsite practical education is highly valuable to prepare ourselves the challenges ahead of the industry..For consultations and business opportunity DM us!.

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